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Dry Cleaning.

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Designed to address fabrics that cannot typically withstand the rough and tumble of a domestic washing machine or clothes dryer, the dry cleaning procedure only commences once each garment has been individually analysed. Having identified potential stubborn stains or material abnormalities, the former are pre-treated to ensure thorough eradication during operational procedures. Dry Cleaning ensues whilst the degree of soil removal, colour brightness, freshness, odour and softness levels are consistently monitored. A post-spotting finish eliminates any imperfections prior to professional hand pressing, hanging, packaging and a compulsory quality control inspection. Conducting the latter subsequently allows investment pieces to return in the condition to surpass expectation.

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Hand Iron.

Uniquely offering a professional hand ironing service as standard, the labour intensive process ensures individual care instructions are meticulously adhered to. Upon label identification, all washing and pressing guidelines are consulted prior to cleaning with corresponding temperature and setting adjustments retaining material properties. Optional starch application or specified steam exposure generates a crease-free finish thus allowing garment suspension from complimentary hangers or expert folding in accordance with personal requirements. An application of protective packaging conclusively avoids stain generation during transit or undesired dust accumulation whilst stored.


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Dry Fold.

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Facilitating modern household needs courtesy of industrial sized machinery, the super king feather duvet or weekly family load can be laundered and returned within a 24 hour period. A choice of biological or non-bio detergents with a supplementary range of fabric conditioner scents avoid potential skin irritation whilst optimising natural and synthetic fabric cleaning. With optional natural drying techniques safeguarding against potential shrinkage and colour separation eliminating dye fastness, professional folding affords an additional convenience. Compactly piled for ease of transportation, storage and crease minimisation, the customary service ensures items remain clean and fresh prior to use.

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Exposure to skilled, bespoke tailors with rich experience of premium retail brand alteration requests underpin an efficient service with a consistently professional finish. Delivering the desired length and waist readjustments in accordance with stipulated measurement provisions achieves a seamless silhouette whilst retaining original features. Close attention to detail reinforces an inherent ability to replicate much loved but dilapidated pieces without compromising fit, comfort or style. Whilst re-hems, invisible repairs and zip replacements are conducted in pursuit of restoring wardrobe favourites, soft furnishing amendments afford a cost effective solution to attain customised interior designs. With a complimentary fitting service available upon request, our qualified seamstresses provide the ultimate utility.

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Adopting a unique blend of traditional to the more modern techniques and tools to conduct an extensive range of shoe and boot repairs, expert craftsman offer an additional time-tested approach to footwear restoration. Consultation and subsequent advice on the entire process ensures selection of the most appropriate and innovative materials. Whilst each resole and heel replacement is bespoke and tailored accordingly, incorporation of the premium quality rubber and customised leather pieces assures a secure application with ensuing longevity. A shoe-stretching service most importantly offers a more comfortable solution to those stylish yet agonisingly tight fitting pairs.